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Migration Issues

Updated 27/11/12 Until very recently it was unusual to meet someone from another country in Northern Ireland but it was very common to have family members who were working elsewhere. Within the last couple of decades we have seen dramatic change, with people from many different nationalities coming here to study, work or visit. The sudden increase in...

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  Frequently asked Questions about Migrants and Refugees   Q Who is an immigrant? A This term has been applied to all people coming into the country to work, but it is now often applied to people who intend to settle and integrate here, as opposed to being a more temporary ‘migrant worker’. It is important not to view people who are...

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Immigration Enforcement

Last Updated 19/02/2015   ‘I just wanted to take my Bible, but they wouldn’t let me.’ A detainee interviewed by NI Human Rights Commission Researchers, Our Hidden Borders: The UK Border Agency’s Powers of Detention, page 52 The Medical Justice Network campaigns to improve conditions for people in detention. Their literature gives a...

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The History of Immigration Detention in NI

Unlike the rest of the UK, immigration detainees used to be detained within the Northern Ireland prison system and this gave cause for concern.  The report Measuring Misery, published June 2004, drew attention to the trend of detaining increasing numbers of asylum seekers in Northern Ireland. It also indicated that the reasons for detention here often fell...

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How Immigration Policies are Enforced Today

Officials have the right to detain anyone suspected of committing an immigration offence, as well as people in the asylum system. Locally, this may include people who have strayed across the border without the correct visa, or asylum applicants who live in the community. Others are detained if it is felt that their asylum application has little hope of...

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Larne House Short-term Holding Centre

People picked up in N Ireland used to be detained within the prison system locally but are now sent to Larne House short-term residential holding unit, Larne, Co. Antrim. (Because some immigration infringements are criminal offences, a few foreign nationals may also be in the NI prison system.) Detainees are held at Larne for a maximum of seven days prior...

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