Groups providing information, advice and support

To respond most sensitively and effectively it is important to be well informed and well equipped. It is also important to be aware of the limitations of what help you are able to give people in certain situations. In addition to the material on the information pages of this site, here you will find and contact details for groups and organisations which support specific groups of ethnic minority people. There are also links to other sites where you can go to find further information. These links will be useful if you wish to signpost someone to a group which is better equipped to deal with a specific need, or has the expertise needed to provide correct and helpful advice.

Bryson Intercultural/Migrant Help

Advice and support for people needing to claim asylum. Contact: Bryson House, 28 Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7FE. Tel: (028) 9031 5744, or visit their website.

Northern Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (NICRAS)

This refugee-led group advises and supports refugees and people who are seeking asylum. Tel: 028 9024 6699  Email:

The NI Strategic Migration Partnership

NISMP provides information for service providers, migrants and employers, and contact details for support organisations

The Stronger Together Network

The Stronger Together Network provides information about training and advice events at local level.

Belfast City Council Refugee Transition Guide. 

The Refugee Transition Guide was developed by The Refugee and Asylum Forum in partnership with Belfast City Council, NIHE and The Law Centre. It gives vital information to anyone who is applying for, or has recently gained refugee status in Northern Ireland. It is available is several different languages.

Request the guide by emailing or calling 028 9027 0663.

Support services guide for migrants

Belfast City Coucil have also produced a guide for those who have recently arrived in Belfast. It includes information about a range of support services. To request a copy of New to Belfast – A Guide to Support Services, email or call 028 9027 0663.

(Some other councils also provide information. For a list of their contact details see NI Direct)

NI Direct

NI Direct provides information and guidance for migrant workers:

Law Centre NI

The Law Centre NI can provide advice on immigration and asylum issues. Visit their website for more information.

For other organisations supporting people seeking asylum please see the Refugees in Northern Ireland leaflet.

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Where to look for help when……

Trying to settle into Northern Ireland Society

Wanting to apply for settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme

Concerned about an incident of Racism or Hate Crime

Concerned about possible Slavery or Trafficking