Challenges for People Seeking Asylum

The application process can be stressful. People may be scared of people in uniform, recalling traumatic events is difficult, and there is a fear of detention and return to the home country. Language difficulties may contribute to isolation for people who have lost all contact with friends and family. Pre-existing illnesses and injuries may be made worse by poverty, living conditions and climate. Enforced idleness makes hours of anxiety seem longer, and people can feel shame at living off the state, because most are not allowed to work during the application process. Many will experience harassment, racism and rejection. Cash support is quite basic so people can struggle to feed themselves. For some people it is even worse. At the beginning and end of the process there may be no support at all and people who are seeking sanctuary become destitute and have to rely on charity. Those who attempt to work illegally in the underground economy are likely to be exploited, in working hours and the conditions in which they live and work. Read more about these issues here.