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Christian Voices Archive

Updated 4/10/2010

Christians from different backgrounds reflect on the theology and practice of welcoming and upholding the dignity of people from different countries, ethnicities and circumstances.

The Other Side of Christmas

Far from the familiarity of home and with an uncertain future, the experience of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in Bethlehem, and then as they flee under darkness to Egypt, is one which many displaced people can relate to. Many people have had to leave homes, families and familiar language and culture because of war, poverty and natural disasters. Family disputes, religious persecution and clan violence can drive people out of countries which seem peaceful to outsiders. They have begun a journey but do not know where and how it will end.
Rob Fairmichael has written a helpful piece on Jesus the Refugee and is part of the Inter-Cultural Insights booklet which is available to download from the EMBRACE resources page or in hard copy from our office.

Please remember in your prayers people who have had to leave families behind and have come here seeking sanctuary, pray for those who live in fear not knowing how their journey will end.


Lion and Lamb, a publication of the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland has carried many articles and interviews relating to migration and Christian response. Past editions can be accessed here.


Christian voices 2010

CARA Lecture May 2010
Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, gave the annual lecture of CARA (The Council for Assisting Refugee Academics) on 12 May 2010 and argued that ‘the presence of the “stranger” is a gift rather than a threat’.
Read in full here  

Christian voices 2009

CEC Message of Hope, July 2009
In a Message of Hope to member churches, the 13th General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) stated that in a world of problems, ‘there is hope when we resist all forms of violence and racism, when we defend the dignity of every human person’.
Read in full here

Christian voices 2008

Evangelical Alliance Temple Address
Rt Revd Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York gave the Evangelical Alliance’s Temple address and spoke on ‘The Road to Recovery: Neighbourliness and Mercy, Community and Service’.
Read in full here.

Evangelical Alliance Don’t Be a Stranger
Evangelical Alliance launch the Don’t be a Stranger campaign, resourced by a website with personal stories, ideas for action and helpful links.
View website here.

Asylum in Britain: a question of conscience
Revd Canon Anthony Harvey, formerly Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey and active member of the Steering Committee of the Churches’ Refugee Network provides a Christian perspective on the asylum process in the UK.
Read in full here.

Christian voices 2007

Pope Benedict XVI’s message about migrant people
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the rights and needs of migrant families in his address for the 93rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees.
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