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A Stitch In Time

This resource pack is comprised of a set of four cards with images to encourage small group discussion on how we might respond to racism at a local level. The pack includes a leader’s guide with questions for discussion,  Bible study material and the two EMBRACE Information sheets Migration and Us and How should we respond to racism? This resource is available in hard copy on request from our office and can be accessed in pdf form below.
Stitch in Time cards
Stitch in Time Leader’s guide

CD-ROM: once we were strangers

Once we were strangers is a resource aimed at increasing awareness of the experience of those who are ‘strangers’ in Northern Ireland and equipping the church to respond in welcome. It consists of 9 first hand accounts from people who for different reasons have come here from other countries, conveying in their own words their personal experience and offering valuable insights from which we can learn.

It contains Bible studies, which prompt us to examine our interaction with others in the light of scripture and to reflect on our own identity and attitudes. In addition there are discussion starters and group activities which provide opportunities for creative engagement with the issues. The ‘what we can do’ section encourages us to think about how we can make our own communities warmer places of welcome.

The resource, prepared as a CD-ROM in 2007, is no longer available however you can access the content below. Please bear in mind that some of the material will be out of date as legislation and provision have changed since the resource was compiled.

My Story
1 Zimbabwe
2 Philippines
3 India
4 Zimbabwe
5 Sudan
6 Nigeria
7 South Africa
8 Algeria
9 China
Bible Studies
1 once we were strangers
2 a place to live
3 a refugee’s story
4 Jesus the outsider
5 strangers on earth
6 recognising Jesus
7 closing ideas
Group Activities
culture clash
everyone change
ideal Northern Ireland
journeying as a refugee
outsiders & insiders
role of the media

Resource Library

The EMBRACE Resource Library is housed in our office and can be borrowed from by all EMBRACE members at no cost. It includes journals, reports, books and videos relating to the areas of interest of EMBRACE.