Information Sheets
EMBRACE has prepared a series of information sheets on aspects of migration
Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery  [pdf] Autumn 2016
Migration and Us [pdf] Spring 2015
Refugees in Northern Ireland [pdf] Summer 2017
Responding to Racism [pdf] Spring 2015
Roma People [pdf] Summer 2017
The Polish Community [pdf] Spring 2017
Attitudes Towards People of African Descent [pdf] Autumn 2014
Opinions on Immigration in Northern Ireland [pdf] Spring 2015
Interfaith Relationships [pdf] Winter 2016/17
Syrian Refugees [pdf] Summer 2017
Poverty and Destitution in Asylum System [pdf] Autumn 2017
Poverty & Destitution Experienced by People from Other Countries [pdf] Winter 2016/17

An overview of migration terminology, numbers and nationalities
Who’s Who? Who’s Here? [pdf] Spring 2017

Other themed information sheets:
Crossing the Border [pdf] September 2017