Implications of Brexit

Uncertainties surrounding Brexit affect everyone, but migrants from the European Union are especially concerned. The Institute for Conflict Research has identified a number of their concerns:

  • Lack of detailed information about what will happen to EU nationals in NI, after Brexit 
  • The need for advice on what to do 
  • Anxieties about how to prove residency 
  • The sense of rejection and loss of sense of belonging caused by the referendum result and the decision to leave the EU 
  • Worries about access to education, health service, pensions etc. 
  • Concern about what rights family members will enjoy 
  • Cross-border workers have particular concerns 
  • Despite Government reassurances there are fears about how their future rights will be protected. 

Read more here:  Institute for Conflict Research Briefing Paper Briefing Paper Brexit and eYou: Information for EU/EEA nationals

Meanwhile the Government has tried to reassure those who are already here and is encouraging people to apply for settled status or pre-settled status.

There is concern that, while there may be no intention to set up routine border checks after Brexit, Northern Ireland may experience heavier enforcement of immigration control and that ad hoc checks will be carried out on the basis of racial profiling.

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