Youth Resources

The following resources can be used with children and young people to raise awareness and initiate discussion on matters relating to migration, asylum, race, ethnicity, nationality, faith and Christian response.


Access All Areas – a Diversity Toolkit for the Youth Work Sector  published by the National Youth Council of Ireland and Youthnet, 2012

but it’s not fair – a booklet about forced marriage

Exploring Cultural Diversity
Activity ideas from Equality NI, prepared for use by primary school children.

Finding Refuge 
A resource for young people prepared by Down County Museum which looks at the Jewish experience of seeking refuge from central Europe during the second world war, including the Kindertransport.

Racial Equality in Education
A good practice guide for teachers and youth leaders.

Raising Awareness: diversity and racism 
An activity pack prepared by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, for schools and youth workers

Reach Out: Enrich Within and Reach Out: Enrich Within, Further Resources
Guidelines for intercultural and inclusive youth work produced by the Churches’ Youth Link organisation.

Ruth’s story: One child refugee’s journey from Eritrea to England
This BBC video tells the story of a girl fleeing Eritrea and would be suitable for discussing refugee issues with young people.

Schools of Sanctuary Resources

Stepping Out
A resource for teachers, youth leaders and children aged 5 – 9, which considers themes of identity, diversity and inclusion.

Struggle for Justice
Five modules suitable for Citizenship classes at Key Stages 3 and 4. The resource aims to show young people that it is possible to make their voices heard and effect change in society. The five modules are: Community and Identity; Community Safety; Media and Racism; Racial Discrimination, and Youth and Protest.

Think of Me Think of You
An anti-discrimination resource from Save The Children, which was prepared by young people for young people. 

Who We Are – Dealing With Difference
This resource examines issues of identity, diversity and inclusion. It is suitable for use by teachers, youth leaders and children aged 9 -14.

People on the Move: November 2008 An Advent resource with discussion questions, for young people.

When did we see you a stranger? November 2008
Two Advent resources, each consisting of a play and questions/activities.
1.  papa panov
2.  the prayer

There are many books available which raise issues in the context of a story. The book lists below highlight a selection of titles. If you have a favourite which is not included, please tell us about it and we’ll add it to the list.

Reading List – Identity, Difference & Race.pdf

Reading List – International conflicts.pdf (includes issues relating to asylum)

Count Me In
A collection of experiences and views from young people from minority ethnic communities in Northern Ireland. For more details click here

DV – Exploring Diversity Resource A youth friendly magazine that explores cultural diversity in a faith context, available from Youthlink. For more details click here

Connect: Different Faiths Shared Values An inter faith action and resource guide for young people aged 16 – 25. For more details click here.


Islamophobia and a Safe Place
Islamophobia DVD.jpg
This double DVD set and education pack from Show Racism the Red Card aims to tackle racism towards asylum seekers and refugees and combat the recent growth in Islamophobia. It is suitable for Key Stages 2 and above, as well as adults. It costs £30; further details are available at


Based in Belfast, this group seeks to build relationships and understanding between cultures through the arts. Visit their ‘events & festivals’ pages for details of upcoming youth events.

BBC Northern Ireland Schools Citizenship Course
An interactive website which supports the KS 3 and KS 4 Citizenship course, exploring topics such as diversity and exclusion in Northern Ireland.

An interactive website about race, racism and life as seen through the eyes of British young people.

The Big Pic
A website for young people living in Northern Ireland which supports the KS 3 and KS 4 Citizenship course.

The Bytes Project
Supporting young people into work and community engagement.

The Centre for Global Education
Information on Global Education in Schools NI project.

Children’s Law Centre

Children’s Rights Alliance

Church of Ireland Youth Department

Community Relations Equality and Diversity NI

Department of Youth & Children’s Work (Methodist Church)

Presbyterian Church in Ireland Youth Office

Save the Children

The UNICEF website contains information and resources for teachers and students on topics including citizenship, diversity and rights.

Where Is My Public Servant?
A website with a local focus for young people. It highlights issues and raises awareness of their representation in local government.


Resources for black & minority-ethnic youth work