Asylum Statistics in UK & in NI

The Refugee Council say that the UK hosts around 1% of the world’s refugees. In 1918 there 37,453 people applied for asylum in the UK (6% of total applications in the European Union). At 30 June 2019 only 0.04% of the UK’s asylum applicants were living in N Ireland.

It is not possible to say exactly how many annual applications there are locally because the Home Office does not release regular regional figures but there are a few hundred applications for asylum in N Ireland each year. Bryson Intercultural /Migrant Help in Belfast processed applications for asylum for around 340 people, including dependents, in 2018.

There were 840 people on asylum support in accommodation in N Ireland in March 2018 but there are always some more people having their applications considered who support themselves. There are small numbers of people from many countries.


Refugee Council

House of Commons Library

Migration Observatory regional figures

Northern Ireland Housing Executive Public Authority Statutory Equality and Good Relations Duties Annual Progress Report 2017-18 – this contains a report of the Asylum Development Unit (p20), then subcontracted by the Home Office to manage temporary asylum accommodation.

Previous studies of N Ireland statistics:

‘New figures reveal 500 people seeking asylum in Northern Ireland’, The Detail web site, 2 October 2015

Law Centre NI briefing, ‘How many asylum seekers and refugees are there in Northern Ireland?’ October 2015. Click here for pdf copy of this report.