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Wider Support

To respond most sensitively and effectively it is important to be well informed and well equipped. In addition to the material on the information pages of this site you will find contact details for groups and organisations which support specific groups of ethnic minority people or have an interest in a particular aspect of their welfare along with events which raise awareness and build relationships. You will also find links to other sites, including some which provide resource materials.

If you are aware of any organisation which should be included here or if changes have been made to any of the contact details given, please let us know.

English Language classes

Language Classes

In the past EMBRACE listed English language classes on this site. We are delighted that there is now a dedicated ESOLNI multilingual regional website for people looking for a suitable course. It is important that church classes are on the new site. So please get in touch with regional co-ordinator, Ligia Parizzi, ( to set up a member profile.

Downloadable RESOURCES
Learn English – A4 size poster encouraging participation
Teaching English – guidance notes for people running English Classes
Grammar Rules – a number of infographics to guide learners through English grammar
English Language Classes Summer 2019 – a list of English language classes in Belfast and other N Ireland locations.

Groups providing information, advice and support

The NI Strategic Migration Partnership provides information for service providers, migrants and employers, and contact details for support organisations.

The Stronger Together network provides information about training and advice events at local level.

Belfast City Council Migrant and Minority Ethnic Project has online welcome guides and a guide to support services. (Some other councils also provide information. For a list of their contact details see NI Direct)

EMBRACE also suggests how people facing difficulties can be signposted.

For organisations supporting people seeking asylum please see the Refugees in Northern Ireland leaflet.

Faith Contacts

For further Information and contact addresses for the various Christian Churches, please contact:

The Irish Council of Churches

Address: Inter-Church Centre, 48 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, BT9 6AZ

Telephone: 028 0966 3145



Numbers of people affiliated to Christian denominations in N Ireland, as reported in the 2011 Census, are listed here.

Other World Faiths

For information and contact addresses for major world faiths, visit the website of The Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum. Additionally, numbers of people affiliated to world faiths other than Christianity in Northern Ireland (and those who are not religious) can be found on this website.