EMBRACE News 2006

January 2006
EMBRACE Launch ‘once we were strangers’ CD Rom
On Thursday 25th January 2006, at St. Columcilles Church Hall, Belfast, EMBRACE launched ‘once we were strangers’ CD Rom. This resource consists of a collection of nine first-hand accounts of the experience of arriving and settling here. In addition there are Bible studies, reflections, discussion starters and group activities, which provide opportunities to consider the issues and how to best respond in welcome.
Alongside the CD, Dr Scott Boldt launched a booklet entitled ‘Intercultural Insights – Christian reflections on racism, hospitality and identity from the island of Ireland’. The booklet consists of 16 short pieces on the theme, suitable for personal reflection or use in sermons and talks, and comes out under the aegis of the All-Ireland Churches’ Consultative Meeting on Racism which is part of the inter-church structures (Irish Inter-Church Meeting).

Copies of both resources are available from the EMBRACE office.

Assistance parcels for Destitute Migrant Workers
As part of a response to the destitution of migrant workers EMBRACE has established a pilot project with several Belfast churches through which basic packs of essential items are prepared and distributed to those in need.

MAY 2006
The EMBRACE 2006 AGM was held at Edgehill Theological College on the evening of Tuesday, 16th May. The keynote address was given by Dr Neil Jarman, Director of The Institute for Conflict Research. Dr Jarman spoke on the topic of ‘Migrant Workers, new trends and new challenges’, providing a coherent assessment of the movement of workers into Northern Ireland, primarily from the EU accession states, their needs and the impact on the local community and economy.This was followed by the reflections of Anna Lo, from the Chinese Welfare Association on the experience of the Chinese population in settling in Northern Ireland in the past 40 years.