EMBRACE News 2009

May 2009: EMBRACE AGM considers how we move beyond welcome.





The EMBRACE AGM considered how we move beyond welcome to create meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging for people of all nations. In his address, Pastor Peter Finch (pictured above) spoke of how all people are made in the image of God and their heart cry is the same. Yet we have different cultural identities which we must be aware of in ourselves, in how it affects our view of ourselves and how we perceive people of other cultures, we also need to understand the cultures of those around us in order to correctly interpret behaviour and sensitively build relationships.
He stressed the need for churches to engage practically in expression of welcome and inclusion, being ready to assist with needs such as language support, but also having humility to receive from newcomers.

Thank You for supporting the Roma People 2009

EMBRACE would like to thank all who have made donations to the Emergency Fund following the racist attacks on Roma people in S Belfast in June 2009.

In the past this fund has been used to support a variety of needs where there was no recourse to public funds. These have included providing short-term hostel accommodation and flights home for destitute migrant workers, and food and accommodation for people seeking asylum. In every case there was no recourse to public funds and support was given through partner organisations.

During the crisis in June the Emergency Fund served as a channel of support for the Roma people. Much of the finance required to provide shelter and fund the return of those Roma who chose to go back to Romania, was given through the local Housing Executive, however further much needed support came from churches, church groups and individuals. We are grateful to all who have made it possible for us to help by donating to the Emergency Fund. The Fund continues to support Roma people where there is need and no other means of funding. At present we are assisting school pupils with provision of bus passes and uniforms.

If you would like to help, please download, complete and return the donation form here [PDF].