Building a Welcoming Community

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EMBRACE can provide a speaker for talks to churches and church groups. We can deliver presentations on a range of topics relating to welcome, asylum and migration.

We are also happy to explore other ways of supporting initiatives of welcome. If you have ideas for events or collaborations for which EMBRACE could contribute please contact us.

For more information or to arrange a speaking engagement, please contact EMBRACE on 028 9066 3145, or email info@embraceni.org


To provide information and encourage discussion, these awareness-raising events and workshops can be broadly themed or specific to issues such as migration, asylum, or racism

‘Small World’ Café ~ An introduction to cultures in NI (15 – 24 people)
‘Small Worlds’ are cafe-style events in which people circulate around tables hosted by volunteers from different nationalities. The workshops introduce a taste of the diversity that exists in NI and provide safe space in which participants can engage with those from different backgrounds and other parts of the world.
The conversations take place in a safe and semi-structured setting that is carefully managed by a facilitator.
Currently this is provided through the South Belfast Roundtable and availability is limited due to funding.

Migration and Us: Migration Awareness (15 – 20 people)
This 2 hour interactive training session explores inward and outward migration and provides information on the rights and entitlements of migrant workers in N Ireland. It aims to dispel myths and provide practical information on issues relating to migration.

Seeking Refuge: Refugee Awareness (15 – 40 people)
A 2 hour interactive event which looks at the facts around numbers, why asylum seekers come, where they come from and what happens when they arrive in Northern Ireland seeking refuge.

Please note that at present we have less capacity to deliver activities and welcome opportunities to work with several churches or church groups together.

For more information or to arrange a training event, please contact the EMBRACE office on 028 9066 3145, or email  info@embraceni.org

Welcome to the website for EMBRACE NI

This site supports the work of EMBRACE in building a welcoming community by providing background information, details of events and ideas for response.
Please browse through the pages and if you require further information,
contact us.

And You Welcomed Me
Workshops which consider ways in which the local church can engage with migrant people.
Date: Saturday 20th November  2010
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Templepatrick Presbyterian Church
Details: An opportunity to look at how existing church programmes and new initiatives can be used to welcome and engage with migrant people. Participants can also look at some of the issues faced by migrant people and how the church can respond. There is no charge for this event.  All are welcome. Please register your attendance by emailing info@embraceni.org

Building a Welcoming Community

stranger[1].jpgI was a stranger…

Northern Ireland is becoming richer in its diversity of culture and ethnicity as it becomes home to an increasing number of people from other countries. Some come seeking asylum, others to fill job vacancies or to study in our universities and colleges. There are also a growing number of resident minority ethnic people who have settled in Northern Ireland. The needs of each are as individual as the experiences each person brings, but common to all is the desire to be safe and to know the acceptance of the local community.

and you made me welcomewelcome[1].jpg

EMBRACE seeks to equip the church to fulfil its call to welcome our new neighbours, by providing information, training, materials and channels for practical help. In doing this we seek to build a community which welcomes and respects diversity. See About Us for a fuller description of our activities.

On this site you will find information relating to the situation for people seeking asylum, refugees, migrant workers and people from resident minority ethnic backgrounds within Northern Ireland. There are also links to related sites. Please use our Contact Us link for further information or to comment on this site.

‘I was a stranger and you made me welcome

Matthew 25:35


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