September 2021

EMBRACE reaches out in prayer to the people of Afghanistan and we encourage others to join us in holding them in prayer.  We pray not only for those in Afghanistan but also for those who are not and grieve for loved ones they have left behind. We hope the people who live in Afghanistan will be able to determine their future.

We welcome the commitment by the UK Government to provide sanctuary for refugees from Afghanistan and to provide aid to neighbouring countries to support refugees in the region. We call upon the UK Government to support efforts to comprehensively provide for their needs, especially as winter approaches and the needs of food, warmth and shelter become critical. Given the burden of responding to refugees globally falls consistently on the poorest countries, we call upon the UK government to support the creation of a fairer system at UN level.

EMBRACE believes that all refugees and people seeking asylum should receive comprehensive support.

We welcome the commitment by the First and deputy First Minister that Northern Ireland is prepared to receive and support Afghan refugees coming to the UK. We call on the Northern Ireland Executive to do everything it its power to welcome, support, provide for and foster the integration of all refugees and people seeking asylum in Northern Ireland.

And we call on the Church in Northern Ireland to play its part in creating a welcoming environment for refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere. Embrace will seek to continue to partner with and equip the Church to fulfil this calling.