Past Projects

Migrant destitution
Migrant workers who lose their jobs, or whose contracts have ended, may end up on the streets, as most have no immediate right to full welfare benefits, may have been living in accommodation tied to their job, and have probably underestimated the local cost of living. With no means of support they can quickly become destitute. Some foreign nationals have no recourse to public funds and are not entitled to beds in most hostels if they become destitute, which can happen for a number of reasons.
See also BBC news item from Dec 2008 here

A practical response
In 2006, EMBRACE working alongside several Belfast churches and community organisations who work with homeless people, set up the On the Street project. This initiative raised awareness of migrant destitution and offered a positive response through the donation and distribution of clothing, bedding, toiletries and foodstuffs to those on the street and in hostels, both local and migrant people.

Get involved
Whilst the needs have continued, the capacity of EMBRACE to manage the project diminished and in Autumn 2014 the project was handed to Storehouse, a charity specialising in distributing donated goods to people in need. Matt Orme of Storehouse now co ordinates the collection and distribution of goods for vulnerable migrant people. If you wish to make a contribution contact Matt by email: [email protected]